Dinosaur IDO pre-sale

IDO is now live!!

We will have an IDO pre-sale in September 12 2022.
$DWD creates a big breeze in the world of Metaverse, NFT and Web3.0.
Let’s build a dinosaur world together



We put the community first, and Dinoversechain will do all planning and approvals within DinoDAO after launch. All plans are decided by councils within the community.

Automatic LP

Every trade contributes towards auto-generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges

RFI Static Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of DinosaurWorld($DWD) grow indefinitely.

Token fee usage details

1 %
Buy Slippage​
Fees will be distributed to
Added to LP 2%
Token Burn 1%
Dividends to $DWD holders 2%
1 %
SEL Slippage​
Fees will be distributed to
Battle arena reward pool 3%
Dividends to DINO-NFT holders 2%
Dividends to $DWD holders 2%
Add to DinoFund 1%

Partners & Supporters

how to earn

Battle to Earn

Users who own Dinosaur NFTs can enhance their NFTs and have them battle other users in the arena. And if you can win the battle, you can receive a certain amount of $DWD

Hold to Earn

Holders of $DWD, the currency in Dinosaur World, can receive commissions on all user transactions as a profit

NFT Farming​

Stake your dinosaur NFT at the farm. It will generate $DWD tokens for you every block.

Play to Earn

Defeat the invaders to win valuable items, you can sell these items for DWD tokens or keep them to increase strength in the next battles.


You can Buy or Sell the dinosaur or rare gear to everyone on a completely decentralized NFT open market.

Our team

Craig Butler


Fav dino: Brachiosaurus.
Craig is a partner of DBL Investors and has participated in the fund since 2015. He loves Brachiosaurus even among dinosaurs He will use his fundraising experience and knowledge to support the development and value of $DWD.

Veronica Green


Fav dino: Ceratosaurus
Veronica has over 8 years of digital marketing experience and has worked for Canadian start-ups for 6 years. She loves ceratosaurus even among dinosaurs and will use her skills and experience to act to increase awareness of the DinosaurWorld project.

Seth Miller

Blockchain engineer

Fav dino: Triceratops
13+ years in Open Source software engineering and architecture, specializing in blockchain, Linux, enterprise infrastructure, distributed systems, and automation.


  • Phase 1

    ✅$DWD Token Launch
    ✅Website Launch
    ✅Social&Community Launch

  • Phase 2

    ✅Metaverse Planning
    ✅Community Development & Buildup
    🆕Gather Developers & Designers in Community
    🆕AirDrop in Gleam.io

  • Phase 3

    🆕Private Sale&IDO
    🆕PancakeSwap Launch

  • Phase 4

    🆕Listed on top5 exchanges
    🆕Development of DinoFi

  • Phase 5

    🆕Launch Marketplace
    🆕DWD & NFT Staking
    🆕1million Dinosaur Army

  • Phase 6

    Involved various WEB3 and Metaverse projects to launch DinoDAO

We're launching soon and making dinosaur footsteps sound around the world